3 Important March Updates

Bantu Blockchain Foundation
3 min readMar 9, 2021

Hello Bantu!

We are excited to share 3 amazing updates with YOU!

Bantu Empower Bonus (BEB)

In addition to the free “welcome” XBN utility token that our users are rewarded for:

  • Downloading BantuPay Mobile App (Bantu Blockchain Foundation’s flagship Service); and
  • User Profile completion

The Bantu Blockchain Foundation, is distributing a special Bantu Empower Bonus to YOU our amazing users. The reason? To recognise and reward our users for their loyalty and commitment - beginning from the Bantu Blockchain Launch in 2020 all the way to the Blockchain testing phases. We are now ready to move our services Mainnet.

All of YOU that downloaded the BantuPay mobile app and participated in the tests, between November 2020 and February 2021 will be recognised and rewarded.

For YOU our users that joined the Bantu Blockchain Train March 2021, we humbly appreciate your patience so far. Please wait to download the new version of the BantuPay app scheduled for release in a week’s time. Users that just came onboard in March will also get some welcome bonus claimable in a way that will be shown on the BantuPay Mobile App.

BantuPay Re-imagined

We have used the feedback and analytics obtained from our pilot BantuPay app to redesign a sleeker, faster yet simpler version of BantuPay. This will be available to download from your app stores by the third week of March 2021. Initially, users will be able to store, send and receive their mainnet Bantu tokens on the app. As our partners continue to deploy their projects on the Bantu Blockchain Network, there will be more tokens available on the BantuPay Wallet.

Bantu Network Token Listing

Many of YOU have had and heard this question often “When Listing?”. The answer is “within a month on a Global Exchange”, so sit back and relax, XBN will soon be available for YOU to purchase for use and trade. The precise date of listing will be announced from our official channels as well as the official channels of the Exchange. As much as we would want to tell YOU the listing date, we are not legally allowed to do so yet.

Some people have asked us about what to expect in 2021. We will make a simple post to help you keep the roadmap in mind. We have also made it available on the bantufoundation.org website.

Bantu Regards!