5 Important Updates to wrap up Q1 2021

Bantu Blockchain Foundation
2 min readMar 29, 2021

Hello Bantu!

As we continue working on the ongoing XBN listing process, there are 5 important announcements to wrap up this first quarter of 2021, and set the tone for the next quarter.

1. New BantuPay Update (Major Update)

Please update your BantuPay Wallets. An important update has been done to address many issues that have been reported by YOU, especially relating to the claiming of bonuses. In this new update, new users will have a seamless registration, and will be able to claim their Welcome (Activation) Bonus in the smoothest way possible. No hiccups. BantuPay is about simplicity!

2. Referral rewards have been distributed.

3. We will commence shipping the Bantu Empowerment Bonus (BEB) in the coming days. The distribution will be done in batches and the dates will be communicated in advance. Just sit back and relax as we show YOU some appreciation.

4. You can earn more BNR by doing a Twitter verification, but you will first need to update your profile with your Twitter handle . You can update your profile by going to the Settings>Profile page. Once you have done that, you will be able to receive our Twitter Verification reward after completing a simple task.

5. You can always check to see new rewards from the Settings>Help & Support page on your BantuPay Wallet

Yours Securely

Bantu Team