At Bantu, humanity is the focus.

This is evident in everything we do and stand for, including our logo. We do not exist in a vacuum. We are named and built on the foundations that embody freedom from the shackles limiting humanity. The Bantu logo is a combination of the Adinkra symbol and the wordmark “Bantu”.

Hello Bantu!

It has been quite a busy month for us as we keep working with our partners and developer community to improve our network and keep churning out solutions that will expand the ecosystem and increase adoption. We thank you for the support that you have given this project either from inception or from the moment you joined the movement. We are confident that with the relentless support of our community as-well-as the dedication of our team, Bantu will become one of the most impactful projects in the blockchain space in the near future.

There are a few important…

Hello Bantu!

Thank you for 20,000 Telegram community members!

Thank you for 10,000 BantuTalk community members!

We are grateful for all your support and interaction. Your belief in us fuels our passion to keep building and expanding.

To celebrate these milestones, we have selected our most engaging community members on Telegram and BantuTalk for rewards; just a way of acknowledging all their efforts and contributions to the growth of the community.

And the winners are:

Top 20 Telegram referrers

  1. gyanshadow
  2. thegreatthanos
  3. moynol
  4. mahmudul22
  5. bakscher
  6. litonbal
  7. jagdish1277
  8. Qurbancik
  9. zeradam
  10. lcao225
  11. Rajibul209
  12. Raselheart
  13. duzzit13
  14. superentoy
  15. tobio
  16. recehanmania
  17. airdrops
  18. zackknight1
  19. arhen0210
  20. airdropcreator

Top 10 BantuTalk contributors

  1. Enella
  2. Hanyi
  3. krissrow
  4. Gen2soul
  5. Jamesguapo12
  6. Dosal20
  7. Bhoscream
  8. Azarias26
  9. Bantuspirit
  10. Kxristain

Congratulations to our winners. Congratulations to our future winners too.

We keep expanding. We keep moving forward.

Thank you Bantu!

Mitambo — Enter the Games Arena.

Are you feeling lucky?

We speak your language.

We are proud to announce that BantuPay is now available in 23 languages.

  1. English
  2. Français (French)
  3. Deutsche (German)
  4. Español (Spanish)
  5. Português (Portuguese)
  6. Indonesia (Indonesia)
  7. Tiếng Việt (Vietnamese)
  8. Kiswahili (Swahili)
  9. Yoruba
  10. Igbo
  11. 한국어 (Korean)
  12. Filipino (Tagalog)
  13. Polski (Polish)
  14. Türkçe (Turkish)
  15. Malay
  16. ਪੰਜਾਬੀ (Punjabi)
  17. Hausa
  18. Pусский (Russian)
  19. 日本語 (Japanese)
  20. বাংলা (Bengali)
  21. 中文 (Chinese)
  22. हिंदी ( Hindi)
  23. عربى (Arabic)

This new feature rollout aligns with our mission to bring financial emancipation to the masses through the Bantu Blockchain Infrastructure. By default, young people adopt new technologies faster, but with the indigenous language feature, our elderly ones can now…

Bantu partners with Earnathon to advance Blockchain Education

The Bantu Foundation has partnered with Earnathon to bring blockchain and cryptocurrency education to millions of people globally.

Earnathon’s mission is to bring the knowledge of blockchain and cryptocurrency to people across the world in their own language helping to facilitate mass adoption. The Earnathon team envisions a world where it will have empowered one billion people with the knowledge of cryptocurrencies and with the financial resources of at least $10 to apply the acquired knowledge.

The journey of Earnathon started in 2019 during #CAMPUSBCAT2019 and has grown to onboard and spread…

Bantu Logo icon, XBN Trademark, Bantu Logo and BBF Logos

Hello Bantu Community!

It has come to our attention that some third-party individuals and organisations are using the XBN ticker/symbol, and logos similar or identical to the Bantu logos to promote and distribute certain crypto assets. Please be informed that the XBN ticker/symbol and the Bantu Logos are and remain the registered trademarks of the Bantu Blockchain Foundation.

Hello Bantu!

To celebrate our crossing of the 10,000 members milestone on the Bantu Foundation Telegram group, we will be airdropping some XBN to 10 random community members who have successfully updated both their BantuPay and BantuTalk usernames with the BantuPay Bot on Telegram.

The winners of our 10,000 Telegram members giveaway are as follows:

  1. msufi
  2. oronno06
  3. ewajx18
  4. dhidhis1105
  5. Levi10
  6. roufmsthf
  7. Hoangrich
  8. Gembel
  9. denzil123
  10. Remano84

Congratulations to our winners. Congratulations to our future winners too.

We keep expanding. We keep moving forward.

Thank you Bantu!

Hello Bantu!

As we continue working on the ongoing XBN listing process, there are 5 important announcements to wrap up this first quarter of 2021, and set the tone for the next quarter.

1. New BantuPay Update (Major Update)

Please update your BantuPay Wallets. An important update has been done to address many issues that have been reported by YOU, especially relating to the claiming of bonuses. In this new update, new users will have a seamless registration, and will be able to claim their Welcome (Activation) Bonus in the smoothest way possible. No hiccups. BantuPay is about simplicity!


Migrating from the old BantuPay app to the new Wallet.

It is no longer news that BantuPay wallet has been redesigned to bring you better speed, security and simplicity. It is now time to show you how to move over your account from the old version of the app to the new BantuPay.

Transfer your account in few steps

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