Bantu Blockchain Community Hangout Series takes Abuja Nigeria by storm

Bantu Blockchain Foundation
4 min readDec 15, 2021

This is the Bantu Spirit, to provide a platform for community expression. After a successful Bantu Hangout in Lagos (the first of a series of Bantu community events), the train moved to the capital of Africa’s biggest economy, at Fraser Suites in Abuja, Nigeria.

Bantu is the first global Blockchain infrastructure built out of Africa to empower people, businesses and organizations through scalable decentralized applications that are very easy to adopt. It is Africa’s own upload to the 4th Industrial Revolution. The theme of the event was “Bantu and Me” — how Bantu empowers me. This theme ran through all the activities during the event as attendees got treated to the amazing projects integrating Bantu blockchain technology into their solutions.

The event was attended by a variety of people from key cities in Northern Nigeria, and Lagos. Notably, in attendance was Hon. Deji Ologun-Agba a 2 times member of the National Assembly who picked interest in the fact that such a huge project was conceived and built by Africans for the globe.

After the opening activities, Charles Okaformbah, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Convexity took the floor to talk about their partnership with Bantu. They are leveraging the Bantu Blockchain to build a solution that protects aids meant for the vulnerable from middleman corruption and human inefficiencies. Convexity Humanitarian Aid Transfer Solution (CHATS) will make it easy to track every penny from a donor to the individual it is intended for.

Next was Chuta Chimezie of Blockchain Nigeria User Group (BNUG) who took the floor to talk about why what Bantu is doing is timely and important. He said “we know the African continent has a consumer stereotype and disposition, but that with Bantu, this narrative will be upended”. Bantu Blockchain and its community of builders and creators will leverage this technology to empower humanity.

Getting to the fun part of the event, attendees were asked to come forward to participate in SABI, a general knowledge game created by Bantu community and sponsored by Sterling, the One customer bank. 12 random contestants at the event came to the stage to test their knowledge of Bantu, but only two emerged to win the grand prize courtesy of Sterling. The rest left with consolation prizes also courtesy of the sponsor.

After the game, Botmecash CEO, Oluwasegun Kosemani took the floor to explain why attendees can count themselves lucky for getting in early into Bantu. “We did not grow up spending cowries, so the next generation will not grow up spending paper”.

Sterling Bank’s group head of digital banking — Mr Dipo Alabede — then took the floor to talk about why they (as Sterling) are excited to identify with Bantu. He said Sterling had been exploring blockchain applications for the past five years, which resulted in building a simple solution they created for farmers. With their partnership with Interstellar, one of Bantu’s major ecosystem partners, they are working on the next big solution for Sterling’s current and prospective customers across the globe.

Timbuktu, a community-built decentralized marketplace was demoed by one of the developers. He explained that anyone can sign up on Timbuktu to purchase XBN. He highlighted how the BantuPay wallet is not only a place for storing digital assets but can also serve as a Blockchain based two-factor authentication DApp. Mitambo, a community-built decentralized game, built on top of the Bantu Blockchain, was also demoed by one of the developers, Mitambo is an online game of chance that pays out winnings in XBN, Bantu’s Token Creator tool that allows anyone to deploy a digital asset token on the Bantu Blockchain in just a few clicks without prior programming experience was also showcased. People were also shown how Token creators can list their tokens on BantuPay and Timbuktu after creation.

Saving the best for the last, the last session for the event was a panel session featuring Ernest Mbenkum, Bantu’s CEO and Victor Akoma-Philips, Bantu’s COO. Fielding questions from attendees through the host, Ernest and Victor answered questions relating to incentives for liquidity providers (merchants) on Timbuktu and “when XBN will be listed Binance”.

Ernest clarified that liquidity providers on Timbuktu will be rewarded through an incentive program that ranks users based on the value they provide to the ecosystem, including response time, trade completion and volume of referrals. Victor emphasized that “Bantu is dependent on its ecosystem” because, at Bantu, Community comes first. He went on to highlight the difficulty African projects face with listing on centralized exchanges and how these difficulties gave rise to Timbuktu decentralized noncustodial peer to peer exchange which is contributing immensely to the Bantu ecosystem.

Bantu’s Native Token (XBN) that is currently listed on Bittrex Global and Timbuktu exchanges, and will be available on BitMart Exchange later at a date to be announced soon.