Bantu Blockchain Community Hangout takes Port Harcourt City in Nigeria by storm

Bantu Blockchain Foundation
3 min readDec 15, 2021


Africa’s first and biggest blockchain infrastructure, Bantu, continued its series of special community hangouts — the last for the year 2021 — in the beautiful and effervescent city of Port Harcourt, Nigeria. This event happened just two weeks after the previous Bantu Hangout that was held in Abuja, and attracted a wide variety of over 200 people from all walks of life, most notably budding and established blockchain technology aficionados.

The event featured our major partner — Sterling (Your One Customer Bank) who just as they did in Abuja, sponsored Bantu’s feature educational game (SABI) with a cash prize of two hundred thousand naira for the ultimate winner, as well as consolation prizes for every other participant. The SABI game was played again but this time drew in over 30 contestants who were vying for the grand prize. In the end, there was to be only one winner. SABI is a gamified way of teaching both players and the audience more about Bantu Blockchain and its ecosystem and has been a hit since it debuted in Abuja two weeks ago.

Bantu showcased its signature wallet — BantuPay, Mitambo (a game of chance built on Bantu Blockchain), and Timbuktu Exchange — the world’s first non custodial peer to peer decentralised digital assets exchange. Bantu also showcased yet another validation feature using its BantuPay wallet; attendees simply had to scan a QR code with their BantuPay wallet to confirm their presence at the event which also qualified them for the Bantu (XBN) airdrops that would later be distributed at different segments of the community event.

After all the fun and games came a period of serious conversation with the founders Ernest Mbenkum and Victor Akoma-Philips. They discussed questions asked by the audience about Bantu’s tokenomics, Bantu’s long term plan, where Bantu’s Native Utility token (XBN) can be acquired, Bantu’s interoperability with other blockchain networks and Bantu’s role and potential partnerships with Reserve Banks in Africa to create Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). Ernest also hinted about other major Blockchain projects that will be wrapping their tokens on Bantu Blockchain very shortly. The full AMA video clip is available on Bantu Blockchain YouTube channel.

As the event approached its conclusion, Ernest announced a special XBN giveaway valued at US$1000. To earn this special reward, active participants at the Bantu Hangout event were invited to the stage to play Mitambo (Kinshasa Arena). There were a few groups of 5 players, and winners from each group eventually went head on to play a final Mitambo round. After all the rounds were played, a winner emerged who was credited immediately with over 66,000 XBN tokens!

Finally, as is typical with Bantu Hangout events, the meetup ended with a “Scan to claim” Airdrop moment where all attendees who had previously validated their attendance using BantuPay were able to claim 250 XBN tokens each, courtesy of Bantu Blockchain Foundation. The event ended with a lot of networking, followed by strategic meetings with the newly converted Bantu Enthusiasts. The Bantu train continues to move forward, the next stop for the Community Hangout will be announced in due course.

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