Bantu Blockchain Foundation hosts its first community hangout in Lagos, Nigeria

Bantu Blockchain Foundation
2 min readAug 31, 2021
Video excerpts from the just concluded Bantu Hangout that held at the Civic Center in Lagos, Nigeria

In the spirit of Bantu and to foster diversity and collaboration, last Friday (27 August, 2021), Bantu held its first Community Hangout in Lagos State, Nigeria. The event drew in attendance from ecosystem partners, including old and new Bantu Community members.

The African themed serene atmosphere was just perfect for rounding off a busy week and discussing the progress, ongoing work and future expectations for Bantu Blockchain with over hundreds of attendees, onsite and via live streaming.

After the initial opening activities, the event kicked off by giving ecosystem partners the stage to share their thoughts on blockchain and crypto adoption in Africa, and how Bantu is contributing to adoption through the different products and services available. Some of these partners included representatives from Sterling Bank, Sage Grey, Blockchain Nigeria User Group, SystemSpecs, Mitambo, BotMecash, Convexity, Timbuktu Exchange, Beep Magnet, Blockchain Republic, and PoiCoin. Conversations revolved around what needs to be done to advance blockchain and crypto adoption, regulation of the growing industry, and blockchain use cases made possible by Bantu Blockchain.

Afterwards, there was an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session where participants, both onsite and via the live-streaming, had the chance to ask Bantu’s CEO Ernest Mbenkum and Bantu’s COO Victor Akoma-Philips all of their burning questions.

In the words of Bantu COO Victor Akoma-Philips, “We are not here to promote Bantu, we are here to promote YOU” Participants were therefore shown how they can now create valuable digital tokens for their projects and communities using the newly released and intuitive Bantu Token Creator tool which eliminates the need to hire Blockchain developers before creating tokens on the Blockchain. Creating tokens on Bantu Blockchain does not involve writing any code; this is in keeping with the mission of Bantu to make this technology more relatable to everyday people thus empowering them to bring innovative ideas to life.

“We are not here to promote Bantu, we are here to promote YOU” — Victor Akoma-Philips

And there was the Airdrop Moment

Participants scanning a QR code to claim their airdrops using the BantuPay Wallet

What better way to show our appreciation to participants of Bantu’s first hangout in Lagos than by airdropping some XBN? Bantu showcased an innovative way to distribute digital gifts via the use of a QR code that can be easily scanned using the BantuPay Wallet. Confirmed participants scanned the QR code on display and got instantly credited with complimentary Bantu Network Utility Tokens (XBN). They were then guided on how to make use of their newly acquired tokens either by sharing with others or by using them to play games on Mitambo. We cannot thank you enough for your support on this journey so far.

Thank you Bantu!