Kaduna state , Nigeria

6th April 2022.

The Bantu team , Roqqu team and blockchain influencers who attended the event

Kaduna City 26th of March 2022- History was made as Bantu Blockchain Foundation, and its partner, Roqqu held a first of a kind blockchain event in Kaduna, Nigeria, at the Thamis Event Center.

The Bantu Hangout series first kicked off in 2021 in Lagos Nigeria as a community hangout with a goal to expose people to Bantu Blockchain technology in a bid to financially educate, include and empower the physical and virtual participants. Since then, there have been more Bantu Hangout community events held in Abuja, Port Harcourt and Kano cities in Nigeria. Kaduna, which is dubbed “The Center of learning” is the most recent in a growing list of cities in Africa that have hosted Bantu Hangouts.

A cross section of participants

The event was attended by various blockchain stakeholders in Northern Nigeria. Notably, in attendance was Ralph Issa , Obi Ezenwugo (Head of Business Development at Bantu), Ifeanyi Morah , and Faith Princess to mention but a few.

“We have a goal of reaching out to various locations and showing them why we are doing what we do . We are reaching out to African countries ,and communities to give important and life changing information. When we empower you with this information, you go out and use it wisely” , said Jackson Jerry, a Bantu official and Expansion front liner in his opening remark.

The Bantu Blockchain Foundation is focused on educating people, especially Africans about blockchain technology and helping them understand and adopt it easily to improve their lives. Bantu Blockchain technology has many important tools, notably the BantuPay wallet which is used for storing, sending, receiving and authorizing digital tokens created on Bantu blockchain; as well as a token creator which makes it easy to create assets just like WordPress makes it easy for most people to create websites without in depth technical knowledge

After the opening remark, Mr Raphael Isah the CEO of Greysoft — the leading tech hub in Kaduna — and Northern cryptocurrency influencer took the stage to address the participants.

In his speech he said:

“When I see a group of young people including myself paying attention to the things that matter, I’m overjoyed. That is to tell you that just like you, I haven’t really taken advantage of the cryptocurrency space and we are blessed to have this organization in our lives.”

Mr Raphael Isah, the CEO of Greysoft addressing the crowd

Other resource persons like Miss Gina, Mr Obi, Mrs Faith and Mr Jackson further spoke about the opportunities blockchain presents, what Bantu blockchain and Roqqu is all about and why blockchain is important to Africans.

This event was not just educational, it was interactive, and fun filled with music performance, comedy, games and lots of giveaways for the physical and virtual attendees.

Mr Obi concluded the event, showing the participants how to create a BantuPay wallet.

Bantu Blockchain Foundation has announced that 2022 is a year of expansion across Africa. To achieve that, programs such as educational events, community hangouts and developer hackathons are being organized to grow a strong ecosystem of blockchain builders (developers) and consumers across Africa. Bantu has also recently launched a network of Bantu Expansion Representatives whose primary goal is to take the message of Bantu across the globe in the local languages of people.

Learn more about Bantu X Roqqu partnership here.



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