Bantu Blockchain Foundation is 1 today — Special Anniversary Airdrop

It has been 12 months of unrelenting work and a lot of milestone accomplishments that we all at Bantu Blockchain Foundation can be proud of. But no matter how creative, passionate, resolute and resilient the Bantu team has been, we could not have made it this far without YOU, our community.

Therefore as a token of our appreciation to every loyal Bantu out there helping to expand our reach, Bantu Blockchain Foundation will be doing a 12 for 12 Anniversary Drop where we will be airdropping multiples of 12 XBN for each month since your main BantuPay wallet first became active after we migrated to the blockchain mainnet. The highest XBN airdrop receivable for qualifying wallets will be 120 XBN, while the minimum receivable will be 12 XBN.

The 12 for 12 Anniversary Drop will arrive around 12 noon WAT, on Thursday 16th December, 2021.

What do you need to do to qualify for this airdrop? You already did what needs to be done. We are simply recognizing your loyalty with this 12 for 12 Anniversary Drop. So sit back, relax and receive our token of appreciation. Ensure to invite more people to Bantu as we prepare for a new and very exciting year ahead!

We are because you are.

Happy Anniversary, Bantu!



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