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3 min readMay 1, 2021


Mitambo — Enter the Games Arena.

Are you feeling lucky?

Happy Workers’ Day…. But all work and no play they say, makes Obi a boring dude. So today, let’s break tradition and go with Happy Gamers’ Day!

As our Bantu Community continues to wax stronger on all fronts — we just passed 20,000 users on Telegram and 10,000 on BantuTalk — a group of creatives in our Bantu community have developed a way for other members of the community to put their Bantu Network Tokens (XBN) into gaming use, right from their BantuPay wallets.

Enter MITAMBO. Mitambo is the first 3rd party DApp in the Bantu ecosystem leveraging BantuPay, and the Bantu Blockchain. It is super simple to interact with. Mitambo is an aggregator of lottery games that can be played for fun or for a cause, taking advantage of the speed and ability of Bantu Blockchain to economically implement real-time on-chain micro rewards!

How to play Mitambo games

  1. Visit the Mitambo page at
  2. Choose an Arena based on how much XBN you would like to stake or have a chance of winning. At the time of this writing, there are currently 3 Arenas. Kinshasa, Luanda and Cairo with differing lots, pool sizes and reward styles (eg. multiple winners, winner takes all etc.)
  3. Login to your BantuPay wallet and tap on the XBN asset. Tap on the send icon.
  4. Tap the recipient address field. This will reveal a QR code icon. Tap this icon to launch your phone’s QR code scanner.
  5. Scan the QR code of the Mitambo Arena you wish to play at. The staking address will be automatically populated. Alternatively, you may tap to copy the BantuPay address of the Arena. The address is right under the Arena QR code.
  6. Enter the correct staking size of that Arena, eg. Kinshasa requires 5 XBN (no more, no less), Cairo requires 100 XBN. Ensure to send the exact amount to avoid losing your XBN to the Mitambo “evil forest” from where lost tokens never return.
  7. Tap the continue button and proceed to send.
  8. Wait to for the Arena to hit its maximum pool limit.
  9. Once the pool size has hit the limit, a lot is automagically drawn and the winner of that game batch is instantly announced and rewarded from the pool bag. A little consolation is given to other players to appreciate their gallant efforts at the Arena.
  10. There is no limit to how many times one can play in Mitambo.
  11. In the future, Mitambo participants will be able to play for a cause. What better way to be charitable while having fun that also lines your wallets!
  12. What are you waiting for? Join other players at the Mitambo Telegram group here