Bantu Community hits 20k and 10k milestones as growth accelerates

Hello Bantu!

Thank you for 20,000 Telegram community members!

Thank you for 10,000 BantuTalk community members!

We are grateful for all your support and interaction. Your belief in us fuels our passion to keep building and expanding.

To celebrate these milestones, we have selected our most engaging community members on Telegram and BantuTalk for rewards; just a way of acknowledging all their efforts and contributions to the growth of the community.

And the winners are:

Top 20 Telegram referrers

  1. gyanshadow
  2. thegreatthanos
  3. moynol
  4. mahmudul22
  5. bakscher
  6. litonbal
  7. jagdish1277
  8. Qurbancik
  9. zeradam
  10. lcao225
  11. Rajibul209
  12. Raselheart
  13. duzzit13
  14. superentoy
  15. tobio
  16. recehanmania
  17. airdrops
  18. zackknight1
  19. arhen0210
  20. airdropcreator

Top 10 BantuTalk contributors

  1. Enella
  2. Hanyi
  3. krissrow
  4. Gen2soul
  5. Jamesguapo12
  6. Dosal20
  7. Bhoscream
  8. Azarias26
  9. Bantuspirit
  10. Kxristain

Congratulations to our winners. Congratulations to our future winners too.

We keep expanding. We keep moving forward.

Thank you Bantu!




The Blockchain Infrastructure That Empowers Humanity

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Bantu Blockchain Foundation

Bantu Blockchain Foundation

The Blockchain Infrastructure That Empowers Humanity

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