Bantu Ecosystem: By Africans for Humanity

Bantu Blockchain Foundation
2 min readDec 20, 2020


The Bantu Blockchain, an indigenous Pan-African Blockchain Network Infrastructure is being developed by the Bantu Blockchain Foundation (BBF). BBF is currently made up of 27 dedicated African team members spread across 7 workstreams on 3 continents. They are among Africa’s leading blockchain professionals who have been in the industry since the early days of blockchain. The team has decades of professional experience in banking and finance, cybersecurity, fintech innovation, compliance, law enforcement, governance, business and intellectual property law, and large scale technology infrastructure deployment.

Blockchain technology has myriad use cases beyond cryptocurrencies which brought the novel technology to the limelight. Just as light bulbs are not the only use case for electricity, so also with blockchain. The Bantu ecosystem will host indigenous solutions that liberate those in financial shackles, promote diversity in communication and collaboration, and accelerate better lives for humanity.

Below, we highlight some of our already shipped ecosystem building blocks. Innovators, developers, entrepreneurs and everyone is welcome to bring in more ideas to grow the ecosystem.


At Bantu, we always tow the line of community first! BantuTalk is a vibrant community of Bantu users, advocates, developers and traders. A civilized place for public discussion on all things blockchain and human empowerment. You can learn more here:


BantuPay is Bantu’s flagship product built to cater to the payments and financial services challenges faced by the majority of people worldwide.

BantuPay has the following benefits:

  1. Empowerment: As a noncustodial wallet, at all times, you are in full control of your funds and digital assets. As we say in the crypto space, not your keys, not your cryptos!
  2. Secure: All transactions on BantuPay are cryptographically secured with industry-standard techniques and tools.
  3. Fast: All transactions on BantuPay are confirmed in less than 5 seconds! Can your local bank beat that? I guess not. We will have a live demo of this during our Launch event. Please register for it, if you are yet to:
  4. Low Cost: All transactions on BantuPay are charged at less than $0.001 per transaction. That’s unbeatable!

Bantu is built by Africans for the World. We are developing the infrastructure that will empower humanity for greater exploits in all sectors and economies.

Be a part of this revolutionary movement by downloading the BantuPay wallet, available in Android and iOS versions: