Bantu (XBN) is now listed on

Hello Bantu!

Today marks Bantu Blockchain Foundation’s 1st year anniversary. What better time to make this announcement?!

You have waited long enough, and now we are happy to announce that our Bantu Network Utility Token (XBN) is now listed on another Centralized Exchange —

We are committed to putting the XBN token into the hands of as many people as possible around the globe and will continue to make it available on both centralized and decentralized ecosystems that have integrated the Bantu Blockchain. Exchange will support the deposit of TRC20 USDT tokens

How do I make my first trade on

If you are new to trading, all you need to know to successfully place your first order on exchange is detailed in this post. You can go straight to the XBN/USDT pair by clicking here.

if you require any support, please feel free to reach out to our support team on Telegram.

For more information about (formerly Exchange), check out the channels listed below. Also join the FMFW community to engage in Bantu related subjects.

FMFW Exchange
FMFW Telegram
FMFW Twitter
FMFW Medium
FMFW YouTube

Happy Anniversary to Bantu Blockchain Foundation!




The Blockchain Infrastructure That Empowers Humanity

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Bantu Blockchain Foundation

Bantu Blockchain Foundation

The Blockchain Infrastructure That Empowers Humanity

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