BantuPay is Now Available in 23 Languages!

We speak your language.

We are proud to announce that BantuPay is now available in 23 languages.

  1. English

This new feature rollout aligns with our mission to bring financial emancipation to the masses through the Bantu Blockchain Infrastructure. By default, young people adopt new technologies faster, but with the indigenous language feature, our elderly ones can now be seamlessly onboarded on this journey of decentralization. With the language barrier taken out of the way, now is the time to help your loved ones open their own BantuPay wallet.

If you cannot see the new feature on your app, simply update to the latest version from your Google PlayStore or App Store. Once updated, you would be able to change to your preferred language by tapping on the Settings icon at the bottom right of your app home screen and then selecting from the dropdown list of available languages in the Preferences section.

Yet to download BantuPay? Visit for both the Android and iOS versions.

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