Bantu’s First Twitter Spaces AMA — Visa Fintech Fastrack, Practical Money Skills and many other announcements

Friday, 3rd June 2022 — 8pm GMT+1

We had our first Bantu Twitter Spaces AMA and made a number of updates and announcements to the Bantu Blockchain community. With important updates from Ernest Mbenkum, Victor Akoma-Philips and Obi Ezenwugo, there is much to look forward to in the coming quarters.

Most notably, one of the areas of Visa’s collaboration with Bantu — The Practical Money Skills series of financial education events will be kicking off soon, and our Bantu Expansion Representatives will have a role to play in rolling this out to people across Africa and the globe at large.

Listen to the full Session by clicking here. Also share with your friends and followers and let’s get more people to help build the Bantu we can all be proud of.

Replay Twitter Spaces Event here.

Follow us on all social media platforms at @bantublockchain.



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