Bantu’s Maiden Ask Me Anything (AMA) Event

Bantu is proud to present its maiden ASK ME ANYTHING (AMA) event.

Join us on Wednesday, 30 June, 2021 as we take you through our journey in the last 2 quarters; including what we and our partners have been up to. We will also be addressing some of those pressing questions you have been asking us.

Guest: Ernest V Mbenkum (Founder & CEO of Bantu Blockchain Foundation)

Time: 3 PM GMT+1

Venue: Bantu Blockchain YouTube and Facebook


Partners: Sterling, SystemSpecs, Interstellar, Speratech, Earnathon

Invite a friend. You never know, there might just be freebies — Bantu style!

Ensure to have downloaded the BantuPay app, registered an account on and linked both your Twitter and BantuTalk accounts to your BantuPay profile with the help of our BantuPay Bot.

Stay glued to our channels for more information as we build-up to the main event. Join our Telegram for real-time communication with the team and other community members.

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We look forward to hosting you and answering all your questions!



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