BantuStakes first cycle is now officially over!

Hello Bantu!

We are happy to announce the official end of our first ever Harambee (BantuStakes) event which lasted from 1st April 2022 to 30th September 2022.

In total 15,549,741.5760 XBN was deposited for staking which attracted rewards of up to 7,203,381.6565 XBN. Everyone who participated in this event has now received their staked amounts and earned rewards back into their wallets. We want to thank you all for your contributions to our ecosystem growth and stability.

In the unlikely event that you participated in the event and haven’t received your tokens and rewards yet, please reach out for support using this form.

There is no planned or ongoing staking cycle at the moment. We will inform the community as soon as another event is planned. Thank you for your continued support of Bantu Blockchain.



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