Earn up to 200% APR in the first Bantu Staking Program!

Hello Bantu!

Get up to 200% APR when you stake your XBN on BantuStakes!

Yes, read that right. From now till 31st March 2022, anyone who acquires XBN from approved Exchanges and directly stakes it on BantuStakes for 6 months will be able to earn up to 200% APR at the end of the staking period.

How does it work?

Earning returns in this space does not have to be complicated. Bantu makes it very easy to do. Simply follow the steps below.

For now

  1. Go to stake.bantupay.org website
  2. Scan the QR code to join the waitlist (or tap the available button if you are on mobile)
  3. Confirm your registration by authorising on your BantuPay wallet
  4. Go to either Bitmart, FMFW.io, Bittrex Global or Tradefada to acquire the XBN you will be staking.
  5. Send this XBN to your BantuPay wallet, and wait for the official launch of the Staking app.
  6. That’s all you need to do!

Once the Staking is officially launched this week

  1. Go to stake.bantupay.org website
  2. Login with your BantuPay wallet
  3. Use the staking calculator to calculate your expected returns based on the amount you wish to stake.
  4. Enter the amount of XBN you wish to stake, and confirm.
  5. Authorise the transaction with your BantuPay wallet.
  6. That’s all you need to do! Just sit back and relax. Staking will kick off at the end of the staking deposit window (31st March, 2022). You can make multiple deposits on BantuStakes before this window closes.
  7. Simply return after the staking period to withdraw your full returns!

Some important things you need to know

  • Staking will officially close on 31st March, 2022, after which the lock up period will begin to count for the next 6 months. After the lock up period, XBN staked and earned will be available to redeem.
  • BantuPay accounts created before 1st of March 2022 can only get a maximum of 20% APR on their staked tokens.
  • BantuPay accounts created from 1st of March 2022 can get up to 200% APR depending on the amount of tokens staked.
  • Only the amount of XBN acquired from the approved exchanges will be eligible and approved for staking.
  • The approved exchanges to acquire XBN for staking are Bitmart, FMFW.io, Bittrex Global and Tradefada.
  • Users will be able to make multiple deposits to the staking wallet via ONLY the staking app until the window closes on 31st March 2022, after which staking will no longer be allowed.

If you need any help with joining the waitlist or staking your tokens, please contact Bantu Support on our Telegram to seek assistance. Our team will be happy to guide you through.




The Blockchain Infrastructure That Empowers Humanity

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The Blockchain Infrastructure That Empowers Humanity

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