Highlights of Bantu’s First AMA

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3 min readJul 2, 2021
Bantu’s First AMA

Hello Bantu!

We truly appreciate everyone who attended our first Ask Me Anything (AMA) event that was held on 30 June, 2021. We were excited to see the hundreds of people watching live and engaging on our different social media platforms. These are some important discussion points addressed during the AMA:

What Makes Bantu Unique?

One question many users wanted an answer to was, why Bantu; when there are several other blockchains available?

“What we’ve done from day one is to focus on the Bantu Community. The other advantage is that there was no ICO which would have created an uneven playing field for many people. So we allowed each and everyone to have a fair chance to come on board, join the ecosystem and receive their free XBN (Bantu Network Tokens)”

“Another advantage that we have is that we are one of the few blockchains that have gone to market from day one with institutional partners in banking and top payment companies. In my knowledge, with over a decade in Blockchain, I’ve seen no blockchain that went to market from day one with such partners joining them.” Ernest Mbenkum said.

NFTs are Coming to Bantu

Non-Fungible Tokens, the smart contracts token standard that allows the existence of only one copy of a particular media file (simply put), will be coming to the Bantu Blockchain. This is an opportunity to key into the million-dollar NFT market that has seen sales ranging from $1 to $1,000,000 and more.

Central Banks can Create CBDCs on Bantu

Every week we hear the news of another central bank either making plans for a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) launch or rolling out a test pilot just like China. African governments are also not left out. Nigeria’s Central Bank already mentioned that their plans are underway for a December 2021 launch.

During the AMA, Ernest confirmed that the Bantu Blockchain can accommodate the creation of CBDCs.

Bantu Token Creator

How empowering would it be to create your own digital asset with a few clicks? This is what the Bantu Token Creator tool which will launch this July promises. With the tool, you will be able to create digital assets like NFTs, Stablecoins, security tokens and utility tokens, even without a technical background. This is the level of inclusivity we aim for at Bantu.

Bantu to Launch Timbuktu Marketplace for P2P Trading

During the AMA, Ernest Mbenkum announced that plans have been finalized for the launch of a peer-to-peer online marketplace that will allow users to trade XBN (Bantu’s native utility token) and other digital assets.

At Bantu, we are builders. This also applies to our Ecosystem of Developers that’s responsible for building Timbuktu Marketplace. The marketplace became essential when we encountered some delays with our listing plans. We wanted to provide our Bantu Community, BantuPay Wallet Users and of course those on the BantuTalk platform the opportunity to exchange XBN for goods, services and other assets. Our active Ecosystem users stand at over 70,000+ across over 140 Countries and counting.

To get ready to trade on the marketplace, ensure to have downloaded the BantuPay app, registered an account on bantutalk.org and linked both your Twitter and BantuTalk accounts to your BantuPay profile with the help of our BantuPay Bot.

Stay glued to our channels for more information as we build-up to the Timbuktu launch. Join our Telegram for real-time communication with the team and other community members.

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As a token of our appreciation to YOU for participating in Bantu’s first AMA event, we will be airdropping some XBN to everyone who submitted their correct BantuPay usernames and Twitter handles via the form provided on our platforms when the event commenced. We cannot thank you enough for your support on this journey so far.

Thank you Bantu!