Just Six Days After Launch, BantuPay Records Over 50,000 Users Across 147 Countries

Bantu Blockchain Foundation
2 min readDec 23, 2020

Bantu’s flagship product, BantuPay, built on the Bantu Blockchain Infrastructure and launched on December 16, 2020, records over 50,000 users. This impressive figure comes just 7 days after launch. Stats show that users come from across 147 countries, with at least a thousand users from each continent.

BantuPay is built on the four pillars of empowerment, security, speed and low cost. We seek to empower humanity with a means for value transfer through the help of a non-custodial wallet. BantuPay is noncustodial because we do not keep your secret key, you alone are in control of your digital assets. Like we also say, ‘You are in control of your own destiny’. This is why it is vital to maintain the confidentiality of your secret key. The BantuPay mobile app, built on the Bantu Blockchain comes with a very highly secure and encryption architecture that protects its users and especially their data. As demoed during our launch event, BantuPay transactions take less than 5 seconds to confirm! In terms of transaction fees, it costs less than $0.001 to process a transaction.

“Finally, Blockchain technology and its products can be used by everyone. This was the vision behind BantuPay, the Bantu Blockchain Foundation’s maiden mobile app.

“One thing we had not anticipated seven days into our launch, was how much everyone needed this mobile app.

“We will keep working with everyone to build apps, tools and services for real-life impact.

“One fun fact for us was that the Bantu Team never projected or anticipated to have over 50,000 BantuPay mobile app downloads after only 7 days of the launch event.

“It was truly humbling and further sets a new bar for everyone to join us in building this Ecosystem as we keep Empowering Humanity. ‘We are, because You are’”.

— -Victor Akoma-Philips, COO Bantu Blockchain Foundation

Our 50,000+ users exchanging assets from one wallet to another through usernames rather than the usual often daunting wallet addresses. Other transactions carried out on the BantuPay app in this period involved the swapping of the currently available assets: XBN and BNR.

XBN is BantuPay’s native network token while BNR is created specifically for rewarding the community showing their support through their contributions with tests, troubleshooting and promotions.

Yet to get the BantuPay wallet? It’s available in Android and iOS versions. Visit https://bantupay.org/ to get started.

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