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4 min readJul 30, 2022

Hello Bantu!

It’s been a minute. A minute loaded with many jaw dropping events locally and globally; in the financial, technology, political and other sectors. We have experienced a severe market correction (still ongoing) and witnessed all kinds of capitulation even among the very popular and well funded projects in the space. Many people have wondered if this is the end of the Web3 frenzy. For some who are new to the space, speculators and even onlookers on the sidelines, the promise of blockchain has seemed to be something out a daydream, or even a nightmare. However, for builders and visionaries, it has been an opportunity to double down and innovate products that add more value to the ecosystem; an opportunity to build products that solve real problems and are not just about hype, gloss and flex.

At Bantu, we have seen progress with adoption of our blockchain stack by mainstream industry players. Not only that, we have seen the emergence of new partners, in addition to our first commercial partner — Interstellar, who are innovating new solutions that will expand the adoption of Bantu Blockchain and diversify our global community.

We have a few updates to share with you from Bantu Blockchain Foundation, and some of our commercial partners.

Bantu — Visa Collaboration picking up pace

Since we made this Bantu| Visa collaboration announcement, many community members have been curious about the state of affairs. It has taken a bit of time and paperwork, but we are glad to announce that the technical integration discussions that will bring virtual VISA debit cards to Bantu ecosystem have transitioned from the board room to the laboratory. We will update the community when technical milestones are reached.

The Practical Money Skills program is also now being designed and is expected to roll out later in this second half of the year 2022. More information will follow on this once the creases are smoothened.

A major USD stable coin is coming to Bantu

One of our partners, a notable player in the Africa fintech space is working with a top tier USD stable coin provider to serve the African space. Plans are being incubated to have a version of this stable coin wrapped on Bantu. Once this happens, the stable coin will by default be integrated with our ecosystem services and will uncover a new world of opportunities for businesses across the continent and globe. The details are still under wraps, but we will update the community once we have the clearance to share more information.

Bantu in talks with a top 10 Blockchain network to wrap XBN, amidst other collaboration points

Yet another collaboration being incubated; the Bantu team is currently in talks with a popular Blockchain in the top 10 position (by Market Cap) to have a mutual token wrap. XBN will be wrapped on this network and the blockchain’s coin will also be wrapped on Bantu, making both assets readily accessible to both communities. This is still in its early stages, and we expect more exciting news to come out of this new partnership as the year rolls on.

Partner Updates

Interstellar Inc

The team at Interstellar have been busy implementing enterprise blockchain solutions that leverage the Bantu Blockchain stack for notable clients such as the Central Bank of Nigeria, Access Bank Plc and a major Telecommunications company. Interstellar have been instrumental in the revamping of the eNaira app and continue to play a leading role in the developments in that space, working in tandem with the apex bank of Nigeria to accelerate their CBDC deployment objectives. Interstellar have also been engaged in a significant land tokenization project currently ongoing — details about this will be released in due course.

Access Bank is planning a hackathon on the Bantu Blockchain stack, sponsored by Africa Fintech Foundry. We believe that this exercise will give rise to many new startups and engineers building more innovative products on Bantu Blockchain, thereby expanding the community even further.

Trovotech.io — NFT Marketplace and Multi-wallet

NFTs are coming to Bantu, with a new flavor. An NFT marketplace is currently in the works with a practical NFT type that will showcase the potential impact of NFTs on our daily lives. Trovotech who join the ranks of Bantu’s commercial and technical partners will also be releasing a “multi” wallet to the Bantu ecosystem. The new Trovo Wallet will be able to support NFTs, sub-wallets, 3rd party access, a hybrid wallet recovery system among many other features. The Trovotech team will update the Bantu community on the progress of these products as they begin testing and roll out in Q3 2022.

The Bantu team remains focused on truly empowering people using technology. The journey is far, but the goals are achievable. As we work together as a community, we will build a legacy we all across the globe can be proud of. We urge our community to keep the Bantu song playing — the more we are on this amazing journey, the merrier. Tell someone about Bantu whenever you see an opportunity, the good news is free.

Yours securely

The Bantu team