Bantu Blockchain Network Applications and Services available from Day 1

Bantu Blockchain Foundation
6 min readFeb 1, 2021


One of the major features in the ongoing fourth industrial revolution is blockchain technology. To ensure that emerging markets are not once again left out on the positive growth and impact attributed to technological revolutions, Bantu was birthed to serve as a conduit to uplift emerging markets through its Blockchain Network. More details about what Bantu is, why we exist and how to be a part of our vision and mission can be found here. You can also watch our CEO, Ernest Mbenkum’s Keynote Speech at our launch, to learn more.

CEO of Bantu Blockchain Foundation (Ernest Mbenkum) explaining what Bantu is all about at the Bantu Launch Event held in December 2020'

The Bantu Blockchain Network is built to hit the ground running. It comes with applications and services which will give users access to the full functionality of the network and ecosystem from the get-go. The following applications and services are available to support the community in their interaction with the Bantu Blockchain Network. We look forward to seeing what you create on the Bantu Network!

Let us have a quick tour of the applications and services currently available.

BantuPay Wallet

The BantuPay wallet is a simple, secure and non-custodial wallet that lets you send, receive, swap and store digital assets. The BantuPay wallet is built on top of the BantuPay payment infrastructure.

BantuPay wallet is built on the four pillars of empowerment, security, speed and low cost. We want to make it easier for anyone, anywhere, anytime to be able to move value around the world easily and in record time. Sending an asset from one person to another on BantuPay takes less than 5 seconds. No traditional finance system is able to beat that. To crown it all, transaction fees are just under $0.001!

For businesses and organizations with a custom need, we have a free API for developers and integrators to use to plug in.

Just six days after our launch in December, 2021, we recorded over 50,000 BantuPay users across 147 countries. So, how do you get a BantuPay wallet? Pretty easy! Just go to to get either the Android or iOS version. Once downloaded, follow the prompts to set up your account, and ensure to keep your secret keys safe. At the moment, the wallet only supports XBN and BNR (Bantu’s native and reward tokens respectively), as we iterate, more assets will be supported.

Bantu Network Dashboard

This presents an easy-to-use high-level overview of the entire Bantu network in real-time. A major convenience for anyone to be able to see how the network is running; the nodes that support the network, recent operations on the network, and other useful statistics.

Those running a Node on the Bantu Blockchain Network can use the dashboard to monitor their node health and monitor its performance in comparison to other nodes. To find granular information about a Bantu Nodes’s performance, all the operator needs to do is generate log files from their dashboard.

This service is available to not just those running a Node on the Bantu Blockchain Network, but also to anyone interested in the Bantu Blockchain data visualization. Our aim with this is to promote transparency across our ecosystem and give stakeholders, especially those with non-technical backgrounds, an opportunity to draw meaningful Insights they can easily interpret and immediately apply to their business.

To use the Bantu Network Dashboard, you do not need to write code. It is your one-stop-shop for data analytics access to token data, smart contracts and applications built on Bantu. For example, if you have built your project on the Bantu Blockchain Network, using our Dashboard, you can immediately see, in real-time token buyers addresses, application users, balances in wallets, trading volumes and numbers of transfers. The dashboard is able to give you an at-a-glance overview in any frequency, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or annually.

Bantu Blockchain Explorer

Blockchains have their own ‘Google’ which can be used for fact-finding, audits, investigations or simply satisfying curiosity. The Bantu Blockchain Explorer makes it possible for anyone to browse, search and view all activities taking place on the Bantu Network transparently and in real-time, this will ensure that transactions are easily tracked anytime by the users.

Whatever transaction details you are searching for, so long as you have the wallet address, you can find out the transaction history, the amount transacted, source of the funds, the destination and status of the transaction. So, if you wanted to know the top ten wallet addresses by balances, or the top ten wallet addresses by transactions, or hidden messages embedded in transactions, the Bantu Blockchain Explorer can provide the information.

Bantu Laboratory

This is a tool for Bantu Network developers to perform tests and transactions using the network testnet and mainnet. Think of this as the workstation for developers building on the Bantu Blockchain Network. With the Bantu laboratory, developers can create and test a wallet, send and receive assets and carry out other operations.

Of course, wallets for moving digital currencies, are not the only product that can be built on the Bantu Blockchain Network. The Bantu Laboratory is delighted to be the workstation for the next set of Blockchain tools and solutions needed in the ongoing fourth industrial revolution.

Bantu Talk Forum

BantuTalk is the Bantu Blockchain community forum created to offer a platform for sharing ideas and collaborations on Bantu Blockchain-related projects, DApps, protocols, and activities. It is where the vibrant community of users, developers and traders come to hangout. Whatever category you fall in, you can use BantuTalk to receive answers and comments about your questions and thoughts on any aspect of blockchain.

If you’re new to blockchain, it would interest you to know that Bitcoin was released to the public on a forum. We are confident that the Bantu Talk Forum would seed discussions that would aid humanity and become legacies. So, head on to BantuTalk, register an account if you don’t have one, and join the conversation!

Bantu Network Token

The XBN is the native asset/token for the Bantu Network. It is a utility token that powers all operations and transactions on the network. Users who carry out transactions on the network pay transaction fees in XBN. The smallest unit of the Bantu Network Token is called a Spirit. 1 Spirit = 0.0000001 XBN.

At the time this article was written, XBN is not yet being offered publicly. However, new users are airdropped with some XBN tokens once their account is verified.

Bantu Network Reward Token

The BNR is an asset/token that is used to reward members of the Bantu Blockchain community who participate in various bounties, challenges and other activities that help to build the global Bantu Blockchain community. 1 XBN = 4 BNR. The BantuPay wallet allows for swaps of XBN and BNR.

All of these applications and services keep the Bantu ecosystem vibrant and valuable for participants. More tools are being built by partners on the Bantu Blockchain Network. As our developer community grows, there will be an array of useful tools and products added to the ecosystem. Are you a developer who would love to also start building cool products? Come join us!

To partake in the rewards and contests and to find out how to join our developer community please join our Telegram Group and follow us on our social media channels.